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Feb 15, 2013 1:00am PST
, they are wondering if he's the icon they perceived him to be. >> i'm sure we'll find out a lot more. errol barnett, thank you very much. >>> a developing story overnight. a possible meteor shower shaking up residents in russia. residents reported hearing and feeling this powerful blast followed by bright burning objects falling from the sky. >> wow. this happened earlier this morning. we're told buildings shook. car alarms went off. cell phone service was interrupted. russian officials tell us 247 people have been injured. >> my goodness. >> i think nine have been hospitalized. more than 200 injuries, most of those injuries from broken glass. >> boy, this is incredible. >> yeah. >> we'll have bill nye the science guy on later. maybe we can ask him about that cloud and what it means. >>> we're about to experience an extremely close encounter with an asteroid. a 150-wide space rock known as 2012 da-14 is expected to pass within 17,200 miles of earth. that's happening this afternoon. that could be the closest near-miss by an asteroid ever. the space rock won't be visible to the naked eye. the best ch
Feb 15, 2013 8:00am PST
with a message touting his accuracy. our air roe erroll burn neette the story. >> reporter: people here as they are around the world are just shocked at this. the key element here the prosecution announce they had just don't intend to charge the so-called blade runner with murder, but premeditated murder. keep in mind, we're only 36 hours out from when this tragedy took place. so was a very bold statement made today. they must feel confident in the evidence they have so far that they can use a conviction. now oscar pistorius, yes, he was visibly disturbed today but he said through his agent that he rejects the murder charge and will fight it in the strongest terms. now the prosecution and defense also agreed to delay the hearing that was meant for today until tuesday. so as each side gathers evidence for their case, oscar pistorius will continue to spend nights in jail. a much different setting than this mansion in pretoria where this tragedy happened on valentine's day. >> so, errol, one of the more unusual bits of news that came out this morning, the victim in this case, his girlfrien
Feb 24, 2013 11:00am EST
errol louis. first up, it's oscar weekend a movie reference for this endless gamesmanship over taxes and spending. remember that movie about the guy who keeps waking up and it's the same day again? that bill murray classic "groundhog day"? >> this is no way to run the greatest country on earth. it's a dangerous game that we've never played before. and we can't afford to play it now. the country deserves folks to be willing to compromise on behalf of the greater good. the greatest nation on the earth cannot keep conduct being its business by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next. chris: so what do you do, howard, to get up in the morning and they're talking -- they're talking sequester and a new name for it every couple of months, it's the same thing. the question is, harris the push said i don't think it's real. they're not going to do it. move on? >> well, that's the danger because this is not a movie and it's not funny. i think what's happening here in the big picture is we're relying on government more than ever. and as a matter of fact, the latest polls show that peop
Feb 24, 2013 4:00pm PST
york1's errol louis. first up, it's oscar weekend a movie reference for this endless gamesmanship over taxes and spending. remember that movie about the guy who keeps waking up and it's the same day again? that bill murray classic "groundhog day"? >> this is no way to run the greatest country on earth. it's a dangerous game that we've never played before. and we can't afford to play it now. the country deserves folks to be willing to compromise on behalf of the greater good.
Feb 15, 2013 9:00am PST
. >> still so hard to believe. just shocking. e he errol, thank you. the corporate sponsors certainly go into crisis mode. and nike is distancing itself from the blade runner. here is zain asher for that. >> reporter: nike, sponsor behind some of the biggest names in sports, now dealing with a publicity nightmare with yet another disgraced star. >> they told me i would never walk. >> reporter: the company's $2 million deal withes oscar pistorius now hangs in the balance. this after reports pistorius allegedly shot his girlfriend dead at his home. >> at the beginning of any crisis, you have to say something. very often we call it dressing up no comment. >> reporter: now doing just that, saying it extends condolences, but as it is a police matter, nike will not comment further at this time. but their pr migraine doesn't end there. the company now dealing with the unfortunate iron any of a 2011 ad with pistorius saying i'm the bullet in the chamber. scandals are nothing new for nike. just a month ago, lance armstrong also endorsed by the company admitted to doping. when nike end ted the ril
Feb 24, 2013 4:30pm PST
to a great rourned table. howard fineman, errol louis, katty >>> nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> good evening. >> we have breaking news in union city. there is a crime scene at the union landing shopping center. it started with a carjacking which turned into a pursuit and ended with several cars smashed and one person rushed to the hospital. >> reporter: it was quite a mess out here. they just cleared the scene a few minutes ago. police looking for at least one suspect in this crazy carjacking incident. here is the stolen silver mercedes benzthat was jacked a little before 1:00 this afternoon. free mont police spotted the car. the chase ended here. it is a shopping center right off of 880. the stolen mercedes hit this tree and support stick causing both to fly about 70 feet. the benzsmashed into a white nissan. there was a woman inside. she had to be air lifted out of here. the mercedes kept going and smashed into four other parked cars. we talked to one couple who was watching a movie and saw all of the commotion. they were stunned their green honda civic had been bashed in.
Feb 25, 2013 12:00am PST
. howard fineman, errol louis, katty get whatever you want, baby. hmm. let's just share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? oh, man. she's beautiful smart and sensible. jackpot. [ crewperson ] anything else? [ male announcer ] mcdonald's crispy, juicy chicken mcnuggets are now part of the extra value menu. so you get the tastes you love at a price you'll love even more. guess who's going to the game? [ internal ] thank you. [ male announcer ] the simple joy of having more to love. >>> hi, efrverybody, welcome to "on the money." the fed speaks, the markets tremble. what the fed said, what it meant around is the market's winning streak over? >> the hype is a joke. >> spending cuts are just days away, but how much do they matter? what a hedge funds legend says is an even bigger problem. and how one major city wants to put those old phone booths back to work and how high-tech can make a big city run better. "on the money" begins right now. >> this is america's number one financial news program. "on the money." now, maria bartiromo. >>> as we head into a new week, the
FOX News
Feb 13, 2013 3:00pm PST
. >> in 1944, errol spent months fighting the japanese in world war ii. this is your uniform from the pacific, where you won a purple heart and a bronze star? >> yes, i did. >> tell me about that. >> well, we made a landing in new guinea. and that is where i got the bronze star. >> the former staff sergeant and his fellow american seasonals were successful at defeating the japanese. but for years he has been unsuccessful at defeating the bureaucracy at the veterans administration. the v.a. says it still cannot decide whether he can hold down a regular job. his daughter becky is outraged. >> your father is 93 years old. he can barely walk. he is definitely cannot work. >> true. it's just an atrocity that the v.a. would ask, whether a 93-year-old with his health conditions could possibly even hold down a job. >> but he is not alone. veterans right groups say the v.a. is hopelessly slow in making what everyone calls simple decisions. >> it's crazy. it's insane that a veteran and his 90s has to prove he is unable to work. >> in a statement, the v.a. defended its benefit office. saying disability
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am PST
on investment rather than from anything that the courts are doing. >>errol i would make the argument that a federal candidate is now -- they are harmed by the super pac aspect of things. we have a special election that michael bloomberg controls. >> that's right. the fact that the messaging was so hard on the presidential level, i think shows the efficacy is not that great and not as promised. it's worth noting that this might ironically end up -- the rise of the super pacs, keep the original limits in place because the court might decide, these don't have a problem. >> tonight we'll talk with jose antonio vargas, winning journalist who went public in "time" with the fact he's an illegal immigrant. >> if you are sick of the sequester, look for "time's" new issue of style and design with tina fey on the cover. >> if you are a true road map of the immigration debate, ashley parker's profile of the friendship between jeff flake and john mccain is a must read. >> apparently they work out together. i'll see you back in washington tomorrow. taking a deep dive into the chinese hacking story
Feb 15, 2013 11:00am PST
recently appeared on the cover of the men's magazine "fhm." i want to bring in errol barnett in johannesburg. what is the prosecution's case against him and how are his lawyers responding? >> reporter: i tell you, brooke, the world welcomed this news with surprise on valentine's day when you hear that there was an incident where someone was killed at the home of such a sports star. but friday, in court, what we saw was -- we were even more surprised by the confidence by the prosecutors that they cannot only convict oscar pistorius on a murder charge, but they are going to levy against him a premeditated murder charge. they feel that the evidence they have, at this very early stage of the investigation, keep in mind, fewer than 48 hours since this happened, that it shows oscar pistorius purposefully killed his 29-year-old model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. the only other thing to take place today in court was that both the prosecuting and defending teams agreed to postpone the proceedings until tuesday. so oscar pistorius will remain in jail until then. he did issue a statemen
FOX Business
Feb 12, 2013 11:00am EST
markets in his speech tonight? the vice chairman at errol investments joins us from chicago. if he doesn't laugh have to cut back, how would the markets react? >> i don't think it will be a problem. there's not much optimism on this speech. people like washington to get ahold of this issue but that is not driving a market. dagen: when will they be forced to do something about it? will not be a free ride forever. >> that is the problem and that is the way i described it. your children and your and my grandchildren are very good credit. they have the ability to pay back a lot of money. even though the debt is $16 trillion, we can probably handle that but it is going to hurt our grandchildren. it is like a kid who has a very rich father who runs a big credit-card bill. his father is good for it. there's no short-term indication the markets will prevent us from borrowing. dagen: what about the shift we are starting to see in a big way out of bondss and into stocks which we have been talking about for some years now because interest rates have gone so low or been so low for so long do you thi
Feb 21, 2013 7:00am PST
's attractive to play. and i never played the british baddy before. this goes back to the films with errol flynn and bazle wrathbone playing the sheriff. >> it's very funny. and you kind of steal the show. >> oh. thank you very much. >> that's me saying that. >> i always like to. thank you. >> everybody, we thank you, stanley, for being with us on our tribute to all things oscar. please do check out "jack the giant slayer." it opens next friday, march 1st. and we will see you soon. come back in costume. >> i will. >>> coming up, a >>> there is an old and inarguable saying that says, you don't want to get in the way of a mother. amen to that. and that's why the initiative to end pediatric aids has been called a mother's fight. with me, now, two moms with a common cause, finding a cure for that deadly disease. willow bay. and its ambassador, florence gobeni allen. a mother whose personal story of resilience will inspire you all. elizabeth glazer was a looming figure in this fight. and, boy, we keep her memory alive with this. >> as you remember, she started the foundation, after she unknowingly pa
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)